Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019


There are Standardized Building codes for Electrical, Plumbing and Heating Systems. But did you know that there are no building codes for Home Theater, Sound System, Satellite, or Telephone System wiring?

This means that your building inspector is not going to say whether your system wiring is even close to being adequate to enjoy High Definition, Satellite, Surround Sound or Computer Networking.

Your Builder and Electrician would like to help, but they don't fully understand the wiring because they don't install these systems when the home is completed.

We at Custom Sound Company hate to cut and drill holes in perfectly good new homes.

Planning and installation of basic structured wiring will allow you to install any equipment you would like, and have it work just as it should.


No one should pre-wire cables for systems that they themselves do not later install.

In other words, unless your electrician is going to install your speakers, receivers and TV monitors; they should not be the people installing the cable for these items.

Not only do you need to wire for what your needs are now, but also what your needs will be in the future. We know how to do this because we're factory trained, THX Certified and have been in business for over 20 years.

At Custom Sound Company we feel so strongly about adequate wiring that, if you purchase your entertainment system from us we'll do your new construction wiring at a reduced cost, sometimes even free. (Just ask us for the details.)

Intrested in how much it will cost? Then check out our Prewire Prices.

Prewire Prices