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Home Theater

Everyone needs a place where they can go relax after a long day. We provide comfortable theater systems with the best picture and perfect surround sound audio. Whether it is a dedicated space or you are trying to blend it into an multi-use space, we can help.


Multiroom Audio

Want to listen to your favorite playlist, audiobook or podcast while you get things done around the house. You'll love how simple it is to listen to your favorite audio, inside or out.



We've waited years for this moment and it's finally here! Where technology makes your life easier instead of complicating it. There is very little that cannot be made easier through the help of technology - if it's done right!

remote control

Remote Control

Our lives are too busy to have to stop to think, "how do I turn on the TV?" We make it easy by providing custom programming that will make the control of your system as simple as possible.


Networking & Communication

Whether we like it or not the internet is a huge part of our lives. So when the router & networking equipment stops working it is a big frustration. We can help you by configuring or upgrading your equipment to the latest setting and standards.



Everyone likes to feel safe when they are home or away. No longer are security systems complicated or intimidating. We can help you setup an affordable system with self-monitoring or paid monitoring.


Lighting Control

If you are tired of walking the house to see if the lights have been left on we have a solution for you. With one press of a button or a request to your favorite voice assistant all the lights in your home can be controlled.


Conference Rooms

No matter what your commercial project is we are here to help. We specialize in making simple to control conference rooms and business systems.



Are you building a home or remodeling? Now is a great time to update the cabling in your home so it can run the latest technology. We can help get everything in place and future-proof your home.


Design & Consulting

We realize many of you are do-it-yourselfers. We get it, because we are too. Let us know how we can assist you or we can stop by to make sure you have everything right.


Wall Mount Televisions

The best way to enjoy a flat panel tv is to mount it to the wall. We've hung hundreds of TV's and know how to do it safely.


Troubleshooting & Education

Need something fixed or have no idea why you can't get audio any longer on your system. We can quickly diagnose the problem and solve it. We are also happy to take the time to explain and answer any questions you have about technology.

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